The Power of Paint: Unique Wall Murals for Your Space

At F2 we like to make a statement by playing with bold wall color and incorporating painted patterns. Color and pattern direct the eye and lead the observer through space. Varying the design of a single wall or entire room creates different zones of use. When you mirror color and pattern in two areas, they can also become linked. Often in larger open spaces we will repeat aspects of a mural design in order to connect the space into a cohesive story. 

In the image below, we used geometric patterns in repetition to create a clean look that is similar to wallpaper, but feels like an indoor street mural. Painting the pattern allows you to choose how much of the wall to cover and how subtle or dramatic your look. We like to work with local artists to design one of a kind murals specific to the project and relevant to our client.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a wall mural for your home or office:

  • Represent local artists, create your own art, and rock an original art piece on your wall

  • Have a small space? No worries- paint, color, and pattern are an easy way to create a dynamic design without having to physically take up space

  • Change it up! It's easy to paint and repaint- allow your space to be fluid and exploratory

In the image above we played with painting the negative space instead of the pattern itself. Simply tape off wall sections and fill in with color as you feel inspired. In the image below we balanced bright pink with neutrals through the use of pattern.