Reduce Employee Stress Through Design: Incorporating Repurposed Wood and Air Plants

The workplace can easily become stressful, but it’s difficult to be an imaginative and productive employee when we are clouded by stress. The design of a space can help to facilitate ease and comfort in a work environment.

F2 Design has made sure there are always natural elements added to our projects for just this reason. Aesthetically juxtaposing modern furniture with the use of greenery and raw wood creates an open, clean, and fresh feeling. Below, F2 created a repurposed wood wall and added moss and air plants as a way to make the space feel more alive. 

Air plants are a popular design element because they do not require soil in order to live. You can make your own terrariums or hang them with an art piece. We also created an air plant wall with simple prongs so that the plants appear to be floating. 

Above we used repurposed wood and added floating air plants. Below, the textured wood in contrast to the green paint adds a dynamic design to a smaller conference room. F2 enjoys the use of bold color because it brightens the space. 

Incorporating natural elements into space design can bring the calm we feel outdoors indoors. A relaxed work environment allows employees to be open to inspiration and thus create more innovative and productive work.