Flexible Office Design: Spaces that serve employee solitude and collaboration

In today's workplace employees move between individual work flow and collaboration. Flexible space design offers employees choice. There are a few ways to create multi-functional areas so that design simultaneously supports a private work session or a small group meeting. 

Above F2Design incorporated a repurposed shipping container to create multiple zones for the office. In one moment this is a quiet space for focus. In another moment, a small group gathers here to check in. Then later, someone lays down on the net ceiling to take a break. 

The point is, the space is flexible enough to accommodate various needs. 

Modular seating allows you to play with different formations for seating areas. The use of modular furniture, which can quickly be arranged to accommodate small or larger work sessions is an easy way to keep the space flexible. 

Designing an island area allows people to choose how to sit and which direction to face, creating the possibility for solitude or collaboration. Adding small tables and cushions offers more options for work and gathering.

Below, these tree house inspired pieces on wheels and can come together to connect into a larger unit or remain separate for private work space. They were designed specifically for a co-working office where there are constantly new groups of people coming and going and flexible design is critical.